Crazy VS Exciting – the Power of Words

Words are powerful.  They can change things.

Here is one very simple example.

In March T2 has 5 performances in 3 consecutive weekends.

Crazy VS Exciting

It is easy to get stressed and worried and say,

“It is going to be a crazy few weeks.  With a lot of extra rehearsals and driving and him having extra stress… etc”

Or I can say,

“We are going to have a few exciting weeks.  Lots of time together in the car to connect.  Lots of time for him to be doing something he loves – performing.”

The feeling is completely different.

Leading up to March, it is so much more reassuring to think of the next few weeks as exciting, compared to crazy.

There are so many other examples too.

Be conscious of the words we are using.  When I notice I am using negative words, I stop and think – What DO I want?  Then I change my words right away.  I love harnessing the power of words to create what I WANT, instead of worrying about what I don’t want.  I once heard worrying is like praying for what you don’t want.

  • ~~~Crazy -VS- exciting.
  • ~~~This person frustrates me. -VS- This person helps me to grow.
  • ~~~Cooking stresses me out. -VS- Cooking is a way to show love to my family.
  • ~~~There is always dirt on the floor from these boys! – VS – I am grateful for healthy boys that like to play outside.

I choose to say and focus on what I DO want!