I thought I was handling Devon being kidnapped pretty well.

dmvThen we went to the DMV.

Devon needed a new driver’s licence after getting his stolen.  He made an appointment, but the closest one was December 11th or 15th, I can’t remember which.  So since he had no school Monday and we couldn’t leave for Palm Springs until he had a therapy appointment*** at 11 AM we thought we would go first thing in the morning and get the licence taken care of.

***Devon seems to be recovering just fine mentally and emotionally from the kidnapping.  But we wanted to get him cleared with a trained therapist.

We got there a few minutes before it opened and there was a long line already.  So he got in line and I went to the van and called some friends.  Then I had an online class I could call in for, so I did that.  I was happy until around 10:30 when I started to get nervous, because we needed to leave by 10:50 at the latest to get to the therapist.

He had gotten his number at 9:30 (after an hour and a half waiting in line) and had been sitting with his number for an hour now.

Finally at 10:45 I got off my call and went into the DMV.  There he was waiting.  I told him we had to leave.  He asked for more time, surely he would be up soon.  He was G45 and they had called G44 about 20 minutes earlier.  But they were doing a whole lot of other letters and numbers between.  So I ran to the bathroom and then said, “We have to go.”

3 Hours and NOTHING!

So 3 hours after we got there, we left.  With NOTHING!  We did go up to the number giver and told him what was going on.  He said we could come back after and go straight to him and get a new number, but he would be waiting from that point.  As he had been waiting almost an hour and a half since he got his number that was not reassuring.

That is when I lost it.  Walking out of the DMV I was yelling at Devon.  This was all HIS fault!  If he hadn’t lied to us and gone to Mexico we wouldn’t have to be here.  And all sorts of other things.  It all came pouring out.  It actually was a bit of a release.

Maybe I need therapy!

Then we are driving to the therapists.  I say, “Maybe I am the one who needs therapy!”  He calmly replies, “It does seem like it.”

I realize I am hungry and commanded him to look in my bag for a bar.  Luckily there was one.  I ate it and took deep breaths as we finished the ride.  I felt much better as we got there.

The meeting went well.  The therapist said that he seems fine and told me warning signs of PTSD to watch for.  To call him if they come up.  But I told him about his Mountain Biking accident and how that didn’t phase him either.  So he agrees Devon is just a very grounded kid and nothing really phases him.  Also that he escaped quickly and easily without any serious injury certainly helped.

DMV Palm Springs

We headed to Palm Springs after his appointment.  I realized he could go to the DMV there.  So the next morning we woke up early and headed to the DMV there.  We got there 40 minutes after it opened.

I stayed in the van and had a phone appointment with my Trade Partner from Healers Blueprint Academy.  So grateful for Lisa and all the energy work she has done with me!  I had a great call with her.  🙂   I have been doing energy work on myself and have had other friends doing sessions on me too.  That has been my therapy!  😉

Devon was out of the office everything completed within 50 minutes!  So basically it would have been faster to drive 2 hours to Palm Springs and go to the DMV and get his licence there. (Not including the drive home)  How ridiculous is that?


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