Here is what I have been praying for my youngest since November 9th -“enjoys CSS Team, Robot Team – increases his talents and skills.”

Today I added “Sound of Music”  onto the sheet.

Our schedule was already pretty full when I first created this 40 day prayer sheet. We went to see a play on November 11th that his friends were in.

Then T3 wanted to try out for the next play this production was doing, the Sound of Music. The tryouts were November 26. After praying about it we decided to go for it. He ended up getting a fairly big part and now we have two nights of rehearsals a week starting tomorrow. Surprise!

It was sort of a hard choice to decide to let him add this “excitement” into our schedule. However as we prayed we both felt good about it. So we move forward with faith and gratitude.

Yesterday a friend called with a similar situation, today they will be fasting and praying about their choice.

This morning as I was praying with my prayer sheet, I noticed very specifically what I had been praying for, that he could “increase his talents and skills.”

Heavenly Father certainly easily and seamlessly created this opportunity for us. I have to have faith that he will help us easily and seamlessly work this into our already busy holiday schedule. Knowing that indeed it will help increase his talents and skills.

Sometimes we get “exciting” opportunities when we pray specifically for things. They usually are answers, just in ways we maybe didn’t expect.   Pray and if you feel that it is a good decision, move forward with faith,  knowing that God will help you every step of the way!

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