Will there be a Movie in Heaven?

“I can’t wait to see that movie in heaven!”

My 12 year old says this to me all the time.  If he claims I called him his brothers name and I insist I didn’t.  Or if he is sure I said he could have ice cream after dinner and I have no recollection of it.

He knows one day he will be able to prove it when we watch that movie in heaven, which he thinks is recording everything that is happening on earth.

I don’t know if there are movies in heaven…

I do know that we have movies in our mind.

In his mind his movie says that I told him he could have ice cream.

The movie in my mind I said he already had a soda today, so no more sugar.  (Yes I am that kind of mom.)

I am grateful that for him these are the biggest problems we will be solving as we watch that potential movie in heaven.

We Can’t See the Movies Now

Right now in our country another much bigger drama is unfolding.  It is heartbreaking in so many ways and for so many people.

Maybe there is a movie in heaven showing what happened that night. Sadly, authorities can’t access that right now.  So, nobody knows what happened for sure.

Brett Kavanaugh has testified about the movie in his head, where he did not do it.  Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. Maybe he was so drunk that he won’t remember until he sees that movie in heaven.  Regardless, I DON’T KNOW if he did it.  I will never know, unless I get to see that movie in heaven.

Christine Blasey Ford has testified of the movie in her head, where he did do it.  Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t.  I do believe that she was assaulted, I believe she has trauma.  I know that trauma can sometimes distort details, sometimes it can strengthen details.  Regardless, I DON’T KNOW who assaulted her.  I will never know, unless I get to see that movie in heaven.

Frankly, I really don’t want to see that movie.  Think of HOW MANY HORRIBLE movies there are of women being assaulted, in heaven (if there is such a thing).  WAY TOO MANY!!!!!!!  I shudder to think of having to watch any movie like that.

What I DO KNOW, is I am here to be kind and loving.

I love Christine and I am so sorry that she was assaulted, and I am REALLY sorry that she has been attacked so viciously for speaking HER truth.  Why are we doing this to her????????  Let’s send her love, she was brave and strong to share her movie with us.  I pray for her and send her love.

I love Brett and I am so sorry that he has been accused of assaulting someone.  If he did assault her I hope that there are some big eternal consequences, especially if he does remember doing it and has been lying.  If he didn’t do it, I am sorry he had to go through this experience.  I pray for him and send him love.

I haven’t seen the movie in heaven and I don’t want to see it.  (I am pretty sure if there are movies, only the persons involved would be able to see them.)  I DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED and NEITHER DO YOU.

What CAN I DO?

I feel somewhat helpless as I hear about this situation.  I feel helpless as I hear about friends sharing their experiences being assaulted.  So I have to remind myself about what I CAN do.

I can be kind and loving in person and online, remembering I don’t really know what happened.  It is not my job to judge.

I can teach my boys.  I can teach them about consent. I can teach them the dangers of drinking.  I can teach them to honor women and if they see anyone being put in an awkward or dangerous situation to step up and help, or call 911 if they don’t feel safe doing so.  I can teach them to be kind and loving in their words and actions. Both in person and online!!

I can listen, with love, to people that come to me and share their memories and traumas.  I can honor their experiences and love and support them, in person and online. I am a safe person to share with and talk to!

I can warn people about the dangers of pornography, especially how to protect their children from it.  Remember how I don’t want to watch those movies in heaven of women being assaulted?  How many of you shudder at that thought?  Well, millions of dollars are spent every year for pornography, which is people literally paying to watch movies of women being assaulted.

  • Children are being exposed to these pornographic videos on the playground by friends who have smart phones with no restrictions on them. Or even on school computers, by programs schools have deemed safe.
  • Did you know that place most toddlers are exposed to pornography is YouTube Kids?
  • Most kids are exposed to pornography on Instagram.

If we are a culture that accepts this form of entertainment as normal, then why are we surprised when women are being assaulted and so many in society handle it so… I can’t really find the right word, I guess… unkindly?  Guess what, unless we get a handle on protecting our kids from pornography, these assaults are only going to get worse.

These are the things I am doing, what do you do?