It is almost Finding Joy in the Journey’s Birthday!

Believe it or Not, this is episode 52.

One year ago, I did something I had wanted to do for a long time – I started creating a podcast. 

It was a fun project to do during the quiet laid-back time of Covid Quarantine. 

I had to pick a name, create a logo (with the help of my then 14-year-old), record episodes, learn to edit them….

I have loved so many things about doing a podcast.

I enjoyed it so much, after a few months I decided to start a podcast about birth. I used to be a childbirth educator and birth doula and I have over 1000 blogposts on my Enjoy Birth site.  So I used those topics and birth stories as the inspiration for my podcast episodes.

After a few months, I realized maintaining 2 podcasts a week was a bit much.  So, I now just post Enjoying Pregnancy, Birth and Babies podcast every other week, but have been good about posting every week here.

Another Podcast??

I mentioned in last week’s episode how I felt inspired to start sharing The Gift of Giving Life, a book I co-authored about the Divine Nature of Pregnancy and Birth, consistently.  To make it a focus for the year.

Upon pondering on that inspiration, I realized I needed to start another podcast.  One for The Gift of Giving Life. 

I was fine with that, we have 100’s of blogposts we (the co-authors) have written over the years, so I know I have plenty of topics and I know how to do podcasts now and know I enjoy it.

Taking a Break from Finding Joy in the Journey

I was asking God how to maintain everything I am already doing and add this in and He gave me an answer I didn’t really want to hear.  Take a break from Finding Joy in the Journey for a few months, so you can focus on The Gift of Giving Life. 

Really?  It was surprising when I felt I should focus on birth again and then it was surprising, I would need to take a step back from this podcast and it was disappointing too.

I have a long list of tips and tools I still must share with you all. 

I am not ready to stop! 

I was pondering about just doing it all!  I could do that, right?

Well, I probably could, but could I do it all well?

Probably not.

Consolidating My Energy Will Create Miracles!

Here is my tip for the week – consolidate your energy, focus on what God wants you to do for a few months and see what miracles can occur!

I am going to take my own advice; I was surprised by what God inspired me to do.  It has taken me awhile to decide to put all my energy into it, but I needed some time and perspective, to get to a place where I am ready to do that.

So, I am choosing to take a few months off from this podcast. 

I am excited to move forward with helping others learn how to harness heavenly help, so they can find joy through all the seasons of life.  I am just going to focus on the pregnancy and birth seasons for a few months. 

I am going to be back with season two of Finding Joy in the Journey by September of 2021, maybe sooner.  Maybe I will change the name to Harnessing Heavenly Help… we shall see.

I am going to be having guests on The Gift of Giving Life, once I learn how to do that.  So maybe I will start having guests here too.  So many fun options!

Subscribe to the Podcast, or newsletter – to stay updated!

If you are subscribed to the podcast, you will magically find it back in your feed in September.   Another option is you can sign up for my newsletter, if you haven’t yet. You will get about one email a week and I definitely will keep people updated there!  Also, I hope to stay active on Instagram @powerupyourprayers

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