2020 was “interesting”

Are you ready to say – good bye 2020 and Hello to 2021?

Have you ever picked a word of the year?

Did you for 2020?

Do you remember what it was?

Did it help you in any way?

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I will walk you through 5 short, simple steps to find the word God wants you to have for 2021.

Letting God Help You Find a Word

The first few years I picked out a word for the year, I enjoyed the experience, but the word was forgotten after a month or two and it really didn’t make a change in my year. 

The past few years I have been VERY mindful of including God in my choice of the word and it was a completely different experience. 

I can’t wait for us to share this experience with starting December 28th! 

I also can’t wait to hear what your experience ends up being. 

Embracing Your Word

After God helps you find your Word, I will help you to Embrace your word, clearing any emotional blocks you may have to it! 

When God told me my word for 2020, I really didn’t like it at first.  It wasn’t what I would have picked!  I had to do serious praying and pondering as well as reaching out to someone to talk about things to help clear my feelings about it. 


Thanks for letting me help you find the ideal word for 2021 and also clear any blocks you may have, so that you can fully embrace all God wants you to have for 2021.

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I will walk you through 5 simple steps to not only find your ideal word, but also embrace it!
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