Having a Mentor

Pam – My Massage Therapist Therapist.

My 2 good friends Valerie and Angela kept talking about Pam and how great she was.  She did body work as well as talk therapy, life coaching type of work.  I wanted some of that!  So I got her number and set up my first appointment.

I loved it from the start, for so many reasons.  

  • The massage – sometimes it could really hurt, but it was powerful the emotions that were released as she did work.
  • The “therapy” – talking about things that I was dealing with currently, as well as issues I had from my past.  But it wasn’t just talk, combined with the massage it was releasing a lot of the emotions.  I would often do some emotion code when I got home to easily release any emotions that were lingering.
  • The mentoring – Pam was there as I progressed as an energy worker.  She really helped me learn how to keep balance in my life.  How to slow down and prioritize what was important to me!

Working one on one with someone for a long period of time is powerful.  It is great to have someone to cheer you on and encourage you, as well as tell you the truth about things you are doing and you couldn’t see it on your own.

I love being a life doula and working with people over a period of time.  I love that connection that develops.  I also have people I work with only one or two times and that is great too.  Each person is looking for something different.

Here are just a few different issues I worked on with Pam over the years.