Curious About Learning Energy Work?

Wondering where to start if you want to learn to do it yourself?

I have been doing energy work for over 8 years.  Here is what I have studied and practiced over the years.  (Complete list here)  At the end of the post I will tell you what path I would take now if I was to start over.  I LOVE to learn and you can see I have taken a LOT of training classes. 


I was first exposed to Energy Work when someone did some energy work for me and my son.  The shift in our relationship was immediate and positive.  I wanted to learn more, but wasn’t sure if it was from God.

Within a week I met someone who had traveled across states to a baby shower that I was at.  She told me about Carol Tuttle and referred me to her books.  (I feel like God put her in my path.)  From Carol’s resources I learned about EFT -Emotional Freedom Technique and started using it on myself and family.

EFT was a little “bulky” and time consuming to me and I was excited to learn about The Emotion Code from someone who left a message on my Birth Blog when I was talking about Energy Work.  I read the book and it was so GREAT.  So easy to understand and also to learn.  So much simpler and quicker than EFT.

Within a few months I was ready to learn more and I bought the Body Code home study.  Doing that course really is what helped me to become confident in my skills and I started to use it on friends who were open to me practicing on them.  It took my skills to a whole new level.

I love Essential Oils and started using them years ago, about the time I started doing Body Code I think.

I started working 1 on 1 with a healer around this time.  It is great doing energy work on yourself, but it is sometimes better to have an outside person to work with you. I was blessed enough to find Pam, my massage therapist, therapist!  So having a Mentor/Healer was so important in my healing and in becoming a confident energy worker.

Within a year or two I wanted more.  I found a Christ Centered Theta Healing class and went to that and that was very helpful in opening my spiritual gifts.  Instead of using only charts I was able to trust my intuition more.

I personally love my charts, so I created my own chart system combining Body Code information with Theta Healing information.  Around this point people started to pay me for the work I was doing.  This was never my original intent when I started learning about Energy Work.  I just enjoyed helping family and friends.  But others started reaching out to me and I loved helping them too.  I was phasing out of doing Childbirth work and this filled that space.   It was a powerful way to love and support people in all stages of life, not just pregnancy and birth.

I took Eternal Warriors class and loved it so much I trained to be an Eternal Warriors Mentor and teach classes in person and online.  I LOVE teaching, because it gives tools for powerful change to large groups of people.

Around this time I started adding a daily meditation practice to my prayers.  I LOVE this, while it isn’t energy work, it definitely has helped strengthen my relationship with God and open up the gifts He has given me.  I highly recommend adding meditation to your daily practice.  There are so many different ways to meditate.  Find the one that works best for you.  I like to meditate right before I pray in the morning.

I learned about Aura Personalities and got the book and did her mentoring class.  It was another way to learn more about myself and also how others work.  It is a great piece of information to share with my clients.   Carol Tuttle’s Types are another great resource, I love The Child Whisperer for me and the people I work with.

Within a few months I was led to go all the way to Utah for a conference.  While there I met Tam and learned about The Healer’s Blueprint.  It had almost all the information I had in my charts and a LOT more.  I watched her video about it, knew it was right for me and signed up to take her course a few months later.   It was all I had hoped for and even more.  I had taught Hypnobabies Childbirth classes and knew the power of hypnosis.  So I loved that fact the The Healer’s Blueprint had visualizations incorporated into it on top of the energy work component.  I loved all I learned and was so excited to use these new tools with my friends, family and clients.  (I think she has a home study version now too if you can’t make it to a live training)

I did the Healers Academy where I strengthened my Healer’s Blueprint skills and also became a Hardwired for Happy Mentor, so I teach that class as well.  Well worth the money if you are wanting to do energy work as a business.  I love being able to teach classes in addition to the one on one energy work I do.

I got attuned and trained in Reiki with Orchid which really helped my spiritual eyes to open.  I loved Orchids training, it was simple and she also combines it with a Happy Empath class, which gives you opportunities to learn and practice your skills and help others who come for the class.  Really wonderful.

I did a fun class called The Energy Connection by Susan Noall.  This was a great class for beginners or even experienced healers.  I use 2 things I learned in this class with almost all the people I work with.

I also took a Foot Zoning course called Family Foot Reflexology.  I do most of my sessions over the phone, so it is not something I have used in my practice.  I am still glad I took it.  I took one geared towards people wanting to do it on family members so it was a weekend course and reasonably priced.  Which I think is perfect for people not wanting to do it professionally.

I learned the Spirit Code, which I really love.  It is about illuminating Spiritual Gifts and letting the light push out the dark.  This is a great tool to start with and if you are just doing work on your family, might be a great way to go.  The best way to get more information to is e-mail Charissa.

I did an Advanced Healers Blueprint Training.  That was AWESOME.  I learned some really great tools there that I have used with powerful results with my friends and clients.  Trauma release, Complex cycles and more.  LOVED it!

I learned Anahata Codes which is about using the frequencies of different items for supporting the body.  The cool thing about this is that you could find out someone needed the frequency of a certain essential oil, and you don’t need to buy the oil, you just use the frequency of the oil to give it to them.  She also gives the codes away for free.  Her training was very helpful if you are new to energy work.

Kimberly Watt’s class, 5 Keystones for Health, was great, very spiritual.  A little basic for me and I find I am not using her workbook very much.  But quite a few of my friends who are newer energy healers took the class with me and they found it helpful and are using it on their families and friends.

Courtney Beardall’s Investigating Health.   This is a very in depth energy healing program.  She is a nurse and so understands the body very deeply and is teaching us these really deep, physically healing tools.  I find that it is a powerful modality for physical things (illness, injury, long lasting physical issues).  I think that I am a much better healer for having trained in this modality.  I will say it is deep and I think if I had started with this modality as my first training I would have felt very overwhelmed.

I have taken 2 Soul Code trainings by Cassandra Greer and they were pretty great!  I have had a lot of fun using her modality and my clients are enjoying it as well.

I also enjoyed Courtney Beardall’s Investigating Brain class and am scheduled to take her Advanced Brain Training in April of 2019.  I love using her Brain modality as I work with certain clients.  So powerful!  

My 2 main modalities I am currently using when I have clients is Healers Blueprint and Investigating Health.  With those 2 modalities I feel like I can help with almost any issue.  My 3rd favorite is Spirit Code, which is such a beautiful way to wrap up a session.

I feel all of this training makes me a powerful energy worker and gives me a broad base and allows me to find the best option and tools for the people I work with.

I also created a powerful and simple modality I teach, which is perfect for those just in the early stages of learning energy work.  Though I have had those who have taken more trainings take my class as well, they like the more simplified way I teach things.  


I would probably do the exact same thing.

I feel like God led me every step of the way.  I use a mixture of the tools, skills and gifts I have learned and develop almost every time I do energy work.


Have a daily practice of prayer, mediation and scripture study.  This will help you to have the inspiration you need for your family.  Eternal Warriors is so great for helping your establish this if you are struggling with creating this routine.

Essential Oils are so great for physical, mental and emotional health, so this is a great tool to add!

I think a great starting place is reading The Emotion Code.  This explains how energy work helps people and also gives you the tools you need to get started.  The Emotion Code is probably a good enough tool to help most families.  So you could read just the book and then practice on your family.  Some will be satisfied with that, and that is great.

If after learning and trying this with your family, you feel you need or want more tools, then learn more!

Check out Enjoy Life with Energy Work!

Many of my friends and clients have asked me to teach a simple energy healing course.  I had started compiling one years ago, but when I found The Healer’s Blueprint, I just moved to that.  However not everyone has the time or money to do such a deep program and many people don’t need that much information, or get overwhelmed from going to beginner to expert so quickly.

In March of 2017 the time was right and I created Enjoy Life with Energy Work.  It is a simple and effective energy healing system.  Easy to learn and use.

Classes Available online and (sometimes) in person.

Other options…

Honestly with all the training I have taken if I could only take one it would be The Healer’s Blueprint.  It is very COMPLETE and POWERFUL.   If I could only take one program with me to a deserted island this would be the one.

If the Healer’s Blueprint doesn’t resonate with you, then my 2nd choice would be the Body Code.  It is set up in a way that is very easy to learn and it is a good program.

Having said what path I recommend, I encourage you to pray and ask God to lead you where is best for you and your family.  I have a dear friend who wanted more after Emotion Code and Reiki was the modality to best help her family.  So that was a better choice for her.  Pray, ask God!  This is why my first suggestion was Have a Daily Prayer, Scripture Study and Meditation practice.  I loved all the training I have taken, so if you want ideas, use that as a list to start from.  They were all taught by Christians, which was important to me as I wanted to only learn and use tools that were created with light.


I would still recommend what I did above.  I thought it would be different, but it isn’t.  It is what I would suggest to get started, but then add other modalities that complement what you do.

I am happy to talk with you!

Do you want to talk to me about any of the trainings I have taken or the course I developed?  I would love to talk.  Just contact me!

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