Energy Work 101

Emotions and Healing

Often past experiences create very strong emotions that can be trapped in specific places in our body. This can sometimes eventually cause a physical symptom. Often I will find that emotions and physical issues are very closely related. By releasing the trapped emotions, it can also help to release the physical discomfort. Trapped emotions can

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Energy Work 101

Energy – we are all made up of energy. Everything on earth is made of energy: rocks, wood,animals, and so on, and so forth. To understand this, it helps me to think of how we are all made up of atoms, and each atom has energy. If something in your body isn’t working well, it

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Emotion Code

A Tool to Harness More Information After I had been doing EFT for awhile a friend suggested I read The Emotion Code.  That book is what really helped me see how I could easily access what it is people need to release. The book was mind blowing and I started practicing and was amazed.  I

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Muscle Testing 101

Muscle testing is a technique to ask your body/subconscious yes/no questions. This can be done in different ways. I think it’s easier to see it than to explain it, so please watch this video of demonstrations. Finding Answer for Physical Symptoms When your body has a problem, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out

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