A year ago today, Devon put himself in a dangerous situation and was kidnapped in Mexico.   (you can read the whole story here)Reunited - whole family

A year ago today, my husband got the call from the Mexican police.  (Never a call you want to get.)

A year ago today, was a day filled with so many miracles.

I have learned a lot in the past year.

  • Writing Letters to God is a powerful tool.  I started doing this 2 days before the Mexico Adventure and it really has helped me over the last year as I dealt with the situation and learned how to be a better Mom to Devon.
  • Angels are real and they are powerful.  I do not hesitate to call on them for help.  If I get in a situation where I am feeling nervous for someone I love and I can’t be with them or check on them to make sure they are OK. I immediately say a prayer and ask God to send Angels to protect them.
  • Forgiveness is Powerful.  This situation was something that could have brought a lot of anger, resentment, lingering discord into our lives.  We chose to forgive and it has allowed us to move forward with hope and peace.
  • Gratitude is even more powerful than forgiveness.  Being grateful for the kidnappers was a really interesting shift for me.
  • Facebook is powerful too.  It can be a great force for good when needing an urgent prayer request.  Or finding safe people in Ensenada to pick up your son.  It can also be a force of overwhelm when others are feeling very strong emotions of what is going on and you are hit with their emotions on top of your own.
  • It is a challenge to raise a fiercely independent teenage boy.   I have learned to really listen to everything he says.  Random comments like, “I really want to go to Mexico.” are NOT ignored or brushed aside.  Much to Devon’s dismay we follow up on all comments and talk a lot more with him now.  We try to listen more than talk, but he isn’t naturally talkative to us.  So it can be a challenge.
  • It is important to honor Devon for who he is AND put healthy boundaries up for him and us.  It is so helpful to remember that my job is not to change Devon.  But rather to love him for who HE is.  Asking God to help me have eyes to see him for who he really is has been helpful.  I still need to mother him and help keep him safe.  However he is an adventurer and I need to honor that too.  He is almost 18 and I need to honor that too.  So it is a careful balance and involves much prayer on my part.  And probably many mistakes along the way too.
  • It is great to have drug tests on hand.  Just in case you want to randomly give one to your teenage son, because he claims he was going to Mexico to see the cars for the Baja 1000, but you just want to confirm he wasn’t buying drugs.
  • Going to the DMV can push anyone over the edge.  This is where I first really yelled at Devon after the whole Mexico Adventure.
  • When I am grounded upon the Rock of Christ, I can stay in a place of calm and peace even when chaos is swirling around me.  I would say that my testimony and the Holy Ghost helped me so much through trying times in the past year.  I can’t imagine how I would have done it without that strength to hold me up.
  • Light is so much more powerful than darkness!  I like to focus on the light.  Sometimes life forces a dark thing upon you.  Instead of getting frozen with fear, I use the power of light to fight the darkness.   It always wins!!!

FullSizeRenderDevon has been an adventurer since he was a little boy.  You can see him here with his Dad.  Always wanting to press forward, check every little thing to see what exciting thing he could create.

Today Devon and I worked together helping T3’s Webelo troop on a Webelo Walkabout.  He willingly came today to help. It was fun to see him working with the boys.   It seemed a good thing to do on this anniversary.

I am SOOO grateful that his “Mexican Adventure”, as we like to call it, has been a force for good in his life.  It is not something we are afraid to talk or laugh about.  In fact the youth at church had a Mexican Fiesta in honor of Devon’s experience last night.  I hope that they all have learned from his mistake and his miracles and that we can take what we have learned and continue to apply it in our lives.

I praise God for getting Devon back to us safely and so very quickly
.  I sing praises to His name.


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